Sunday, 25 October 2015

very boring embarrassing intro that no one cares about

Shit photos i took with my phone and edited on Allis, which is amazing and you should all download!!

Hey Guys,
Im sure that i wont get a lot of attention on this but as i just made a new Instagram profile for all my work i thought i could make a blog too. Just a brief intro about my self. Im originally from Birmingham, UK but studying Fashion Media at UCA Rochester in Kent. I want to become a fashion photographer (this sounds so stupid!)  or work in the fashion industry somewhere. Colour is everything and kinda cant stop wearing pink right now, my hair is also now purple thanks to jack. you will probably hear a lot about jack too. thats all for now as i'm really used to Tumblr and this website is weird.

(i say that a lot too)

*Unicorn Emoji*

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