Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My work

I am Currently studying BAHons Fashion Media and Promotion and currently making a fashion film inspired by Marques Almeida. At my uni I am asked to make a reflective research journal for every assignment, this is where most of my creative is strong. I love to make mood boards and create something that is my own. I've been told they are my strongest point so i thought i could post them on here for people to have a look.

Spunk Magazine
mood boards created for my fanzine project, i made these to help me with texture, colour and shape for my fanzine. 

Past, Present and Future 
Mood boards which helped me predict the 'future' look for Lanvin. They helped me with materials, shape and garments for the future look

these moodboards are only a few example of my work but will be creating and posting more when i have completed my fashion film unit.


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